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# Contributing
We would love for you to contribute to the backoffice of [Code du travail
numérique][link-cdtn] and help make it even better than it is today! As a
contributor, here are the guidelines we would like you to follow:
- [Commit Message Guidelines](#commit-message-guidelines)
## Commit Message Guidelines
Each commit message consists of a **type**, a **scope** and a **subject**:
<type>(<scope>): <subject>
The **type** is mandatory and the **scope** of the header is optional.
Any line of the commit message cannot be longer 100 characters! This allows the
message to be easier to read on GitHub as well as in various git tools.
- `docs(changelog): update changelog to 1.12.5`
- `fix(release): need to depend on latest rxjs and zone.js`
- `ci: configure dependabot`
Do not hesitate check [existing commits][link-cdtb-commits] to get a better
### Revert
If the commit reverts a previous commit, it should begin with `revert:`,
followed by the header of the reverted commit. In the body it should say:
`This reverts commit <hash>.`, where the hash is the SHA of the commit being
### Type
Must be one of the following:
- **build**: Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies.
- **chore**: Changes to our CI configuration files and scripts.
- **ci**: Changes to our CI configuration files and scripts.
- **docs**: Documentation only changes.
- **feat**: A new feature.
- **fix**: A bug fix.
- **perf**: A code change that improves performance.
- **refactor**: A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature.
- **style**: Changes that do not affect the meaning of the code.
- **test**: Adding missing tests or correcting existing tests.
### Scope
The scope should be the name of the npm package affected (as perceived by the
person reading the changelog generated from commit messages.
The following is the list of supported scopes:
- **api**
- **admin**
- **contrib**
There are currently a few exceptions to the "use package name" rule:
- **packaging**: Used for changes that change the npm package layout in all of
our packages, e.g. public path changes, package.json changes done to all
packages, d.ts file/format changes, changes to bundles, etc.
- **changelog**: Used for updating the release notes in CHANGELOG.md
- none/empty string: useful for `style`, `test` and `refactor` changes that are
done across all packages (e.g. `style: add missing semicolons`) and for docs
changes that are not related to a specific package (e.g.
`docs: fix typo in tutorial`).
### Subject
The subject contains a succinct description of the change:
- Use the imperative, present tense: "change" not "changed" nor "changes".
- Don't capitalize the first letter.
- No dot (.) at the end.
[link-cdtn]: https://codedutravail.num.social.gouv.fr
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