Commit d2261060 authored by Julien Bouquillon's avatar Julien Bouquillon 🐫
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feat: k8s deploy API

parent ec5b0074
import env from "@kosko/env";
import { create } from "@socialgouv/kosko-charts/components/netpol";
const manifests = [];
if (env.env === "prod") {
const manifest = create("recherche-entreprises");
// borrowed from annuaire entreprise, find a better way to share this data
const codesNaf = require("@socialgouv/codes-naf");
// convert list of nafs to object
const codesNafObject = codesNaf.reduce((a, c) => ({...a, []: c.label}), {})
export const codesNaf = new Map(
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