Unverified Commit 6ac01485 authored by Julien Bouquillon's avatar Julien Bouquillon 🐫 Committed by GitHub
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fix(azure-db): fix test (#869)

parent 329aa630
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ teardown_file() {
export NEW_USER="user_${ID}"
run ./bin/create-db-user
assert_line --partial '\connect: FATAL: database "autodevops_'${ID}'" does not exist'
assert_line --partial 'database "autodevops_'${ID}'" does not exist'
assert_line --partial 'CREATE DATABASE "autodevops_'${ID}'"'
assert_line --partial 'creating user user_'${ID}' on localhost'
assert_line --partial 'CREATE USER "user_'${ID}'" WITH PASSWORD'" 'password_${ID}';"
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