Dev (#75)

* fix: better management of date pickers in declaration and statistics

* feat: add message on landing page from new table messages

* feat(test): add unit test for login page

* feat: add seed example for messages table

* feat(knex): add del for messages table

* feat(knex): seed for messages table in dev env

* feat: change color of welcome message

* feat: check that some hospitals can't do post mortem

* feat(stats): add "nb ETP" data

* feat: remove menu item not available for super admin

Update act can't be done by a super admin. A super admin can only delete an act because he has no hospital rattachment

* feat: better UX for remove buttons

* test: export test running with an endpoint in a folder e2e

* fix: prettier wasn't run on save anymore

* fix: currentUser was sometimes null. Fix this

Add a super admin check for some API endpoints which needed it

* fix(eslint)

* feat: add new statistics for deceased profile

* feat: redirect to login page for 401 errors detected on client side

* fix: eslint problems

Wrapper.getInitialProps must return an object, even in the redirect case

* refactor: handleAPIResponse manages now the redirect himself

Use a mock for testing authenticate API endpoint

* wording: replace emplois with ETP for coherence

* chore(deps): update socialgouv

* chore(deps): update all non-major dependencies

* refactor: remove unncessary lines in test

* chore(deps): update jest/babel-jest major versions

* chore(deps): update outdated libs

Refactor route "/index" in "/", since Next 9.5 seems to not accept "/index" anymore

* feat(statistics): exports data for thanato

fix the problem in Global tab, since the rewording of "Vivants (tous profils)" in "Vivants"

* fix(CI): the Sentry DSN was not well set

* fix(statistics): bug when click on clear button of the select. 

Remove clear button which was unncessary actually

* refactor(statistics): objToArray fn in component instead of page

* feat(statistics): add title in xls and better style

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